The Divine 9 - Real Deal Steel's Top 9 Benefits of Drinking from Stainless Steel

1. Aesthetic appearance (you look cool) -  See ... look at this guy with the suave hair:


2. No shattershock face - Impact resistance is included in every purchase.


3. Protects hands from burning - Our mugs are double walled, which not only protects your hands but protects your wallet when you no longer drop flaming ceramic mugs. note: if you buy metal mugs that are not double wall, you will burn the heck out of your hands! 

4. None of that ... stuff! All stainless steel products are 100% BPA Free. Most hygiene aficionados agree, steel is the healthiest choice on the market today. 


5. No sweaty palms - Not only will double wall stainless protect from heat, it will protect from condensation too. At Real Deal Steel, our only product that is not double walled is our stemless wine glasses. It was part of the design as we wanted to keep the lip thin and increase the size of the cup without making them too bulky. Our audience indicated the insulation is not important to them in a wine glass (so there). 


6. Easy to clean (as long as you don't chince on quality) - Some stainless steel products are very easy to clean, others are not. If the interior of your products are either mirrored or electropolished (frosty smooth finish), cleaning is a cinch. If your products are a cheaper brushed finish, particles will leach over the time, and your drinkware with no longer pass the smell test.

7. Strength to weight - Many people like our original 15 oz mug because of how surprisingly light they are. People have told us it's the first coffee cup they reach for because it's lightweight and give some extra precious minutes of heat.

8. Doesn't break the bank - Steel is comparable with other materials. Considering the versatility and durability, it's a steal. 

9. Environmentally Friendly - You are welcome to drink water out of our products, but we don't sell a steel water bottle (we like our products to be unique). But that doesn't mean we don't think you should use one. We won't quote you the stats on how many wind up in landfills, but you can imagine it's a big number (hint: 60 million per day!) 


That's the Divine Nine! Feel free to comment, troll us, or spit some knowledge of your own below.